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Detox & Debloat Your Body

Feb 11, 2019

Just as all people are created equal, we equally share a common problem. That day when our favorite clothes no longer fit. When you can't wear your favorite pair of jeans for a night out, or you just look in the mirror and don't know where the extra baggage came from. So, whats the problem? This is a difficult question to answer and one that stems from many sources.

First and foremost is how much food we are eating. People in modern society, especially in the United States, are eating way too much and too often. More and more research is showing that we have a history as hunter gatherers that did not eat several meals a day. This is can be related to the many health benefits that come with fasting.

It seems as though early humans adapted and evolved around this hunter gatherer, restricted eating type lifestyle. One that we should probably go back to, with all the research backing the benefits including healthy aging and the possibility of reversing diabetes. So, we eat too much, too often. This leads to a high caloric intake, which without an active lifestyle will lead to weight gain. Not only that, but if we are not giving our body's time to digest the food, its just piling up in there. This causes bloating in your bowls and gut with undigested foods. 

Not only should we restrict our eating periods to ensure proper digestion, but we need to make sure we are getting the proper nutrients, bacteria and enzymes to fully break down our foods and put them to use! How do you do that? Well there are many ways to incorporate probiotics (good gut bacteria) into your diet such as fermented foods like Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Miso and Tempeh. Along with food rich in digestive enzymes like Bananas, Papaya, Pineapple, Kiwi, Avocados, Soy Sauce as well as Tempeh, Sauerkraut and Miso again!

While it is ideal to eat a healthy diet and incorporate all those foods mentioned, many people are too busy with there fast paced lifestyles. What is the answer for the busy mom on the go, or the business executive that cant put his phone down? The answer has arrived and it is our Organic Superfood Greens!

This is a great daily supplement that anyone and everyone should incorporate into their daily routine. It's a completely unique all in one blend of 14 powerful superfoods that help remove harmful toxins while boosting energy and promoting gut health at the same time! Just one scoop a day will promote detoxification, immune support, energy, focus, digestion and help to completely rejuvenate the body. Effects that you can feel after just one glass!

We use a powerful blend of superfoods that will keep you energized, focused, as well as looking and feeling great! These 14 superfoods can help slow the aging process, enhance detoxification, improve digestion and gut health, improve mental clarity, increase energy levels, boost immune function, improve cellular function and countless other benefits! 

These superfood greens will allow you to get all the green superfoods your body needs in one glass! Now you can give your body all the benefits of juicing green vegetables without the hassle or mess! It is loaded with vitamins, micronutrients and antioxidants to give your body exactly what it needs to detox, flourish and regenerate. All from natural, organic whole foods and herbs like wheatgrass, chlorella, spirulina, moringa, matcha, turmeric and many more!

By incorporating these superfoods with our prebiotic and probiotic blend, Organic Superfood Greens are the ultimate detoxing ,debloating, digestion greens out there! Because its all packed in one convenient scoop of powder, that can be mixed up on the go, organic superfood greens make it easy for anyone living a busy lifestyle to eliminate toxins, boost energy, reduce bloating, improve digestion and look and feel their best! Did I mention they taste fantastic? That backed with a money back guarantee means you have nothing to lose and a happy, health, toxin free, bloat free life to gain!