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Why Plant Protein Is Way Better Than Whey! Posted on 09 Feb 20:26

One of the best traits that we have as a species is our ability to adapt over time and evolve. As we learn new things and gather new information and ideas, our outlook on the world changes along with our lifestyles. This can be seen in many areas of our daily lives, the big ones like technology and modern medicine have changed the way we live and how long we live for drastically. This is breakthrough science and innovation that we should be extremely proud of and embrace. We should also look to these practices and apply the same model to our diet and nutrition. The more knowledge we learn about the effects of certain foods, the more we should evolve our diet. This is something we embrace here at Organic Muscle by only creating certified organic vegan health and fitness supplements with the purest ingredients. Our Organic Plant Protein powder was created as a result of new information on how dairy effects the body and out of necessity for a plant powered replacement for whey.

Detox & Debloat Your Body Posted on 06 Feb 16:29

Just as all people are created equal, we equally share a common problem. That day when our favorite clothes no longer fit. When you can't wear your favorite pair of jeans for a night out, or you just look in the mirror and don't know where the extra baggage came from. So, whats the problem? This is a difficult question to answer and one that stems from many sources. 

Boost Your Weight-Loss Naturally! Posted on 02 Feb 09:32

Tired of that extra baggage around your waist? Maybe you want to get back into your favorite pair of jeans? Or maybe your just want to be healthier and live a better lifestyle. Whatever your reason may be, weight-loss is a goal that many people have. The problem? Making that goal a reality. Many struggle with weight-gain and managing a healthy bodyweight their whole lives. Getting that weight off once it is on your body can be tricky for some. This can be attributed to all kinds of factors, including environment (exposure to toxins ect..), diet, lack of exercise, motivation and more. I will break down several factors to take into consideration when trying to lose weight and natural paths to success for your weight-loss goals!

Getting Your Greens Has Never Been Easier! Posted on 30 Jan 18:35

Sure, the idea of eating more vegetables and leafy greens sounds great and all, but that can take up lots of your time shopping, prepping, cooking or even juicing your greens. Not to mention the clean up after all that! Luckily we have found a solution. One that has your daily serving of greens and superfoods all in one scoop! Our NEW Organic Superfood Greens is packed with 14 powerful superfoods that can help slow the aging process, enhance detoxification, improve digestion and gut health, improve mental clarity, increase energy levels, boost immune function, improve cellular function and countless other benefits!

Kom-Buh-Huh? Posted on 23 Jan 11:27

It seems like every grocery store and supermarket that I go to has this kombucha stuff. What exactly is it and why should you buy it? As I have mentioned in a previous article, kombucha is an excellent plant based source of healthy, gut friendly bacteria called "Probiotics." These living microorganisms can promote better digestion, manipulation of intestinal microbial communities, suppression of pathogens, stimulation of epithelial cell proliferation and differentiation and fortification of the intestinal barrier. They are essentially microscopic marines that protect our gut and promote our overall health and wellbeing. But is gut health the end of kombucha's fermented fairytale? 

Food Is Fuel: What Mike Eats - Protein Shakes #5 Posted on 19 Jan 11:38

Many of us want to be healthy and eat better, but getting in those healthy foods can be hard for some. Especially when it comes to leafy greens. Yes, those dreadful foods that you have feared since childhood. Luckily, our friend and Organic Muscle AthleteMike Kneuer from "WhatMikeEats" has these great protein shake recipes featuring some green goodness! These recipes make it quick and easy to incorporate greens into your diet with a great tasting shake.

Slow Aging Naturally! Posted on 16 Jan 15:40

Few things in life are certain. The biggest of those known certainties is that our body ages over time. A process that nobody is fond of and that scares many. But, what if there were ways to slow this process down? Well there are and this can be achieved 100% naturally through ancient practices, techniques and traditions along with a little help from mother nature.

A Cup of Coffee A Day To Keep The Doctor Away? Posted on 12 Dec 12:23

Who doesn’t love coffee? Okay, besides that one weirdo friend of yours who doesn’t like the taste (they are probably a psychopath by the way!), most people love coffee! We love it to the point where it is a staple in most homes. Something I know we freak out about in my house when its gone! But, why is this? What sort of powers does this magic bean possess? In reality there are many, but the big one most people would shout out when answering this question is, Caffeine! Or coffees ability to wake us up and get us going! While this is important to most of us, especially in the morning, there are other properties in coffee that may be even more beneficial.

Food Is Fuel: What Mike Eats - Protein Shakes #4 Posted on 08 Dec 11:13

Looking to spice things up for the holidays? Even your protein shakes? We have you covered with these awesome recipes from "What Mike Eats," featuring flavors of your favorite pies and cookies! These shake recipes are just a few ways to help spice up your diet for the holiday season. All while proving organic foods and supplements can be nutritious and taste amazing!

Is Organic Food Really Better For You? Posted on 05 Dec 15:35

With more and more people becoming conscious and aware about what they eat and put into their bodies, the demand for healthier foods is increasing. This increase in consumer consciousness may be directly related to the ever expanding body of evidence that proves organic foods are healthier and more nutritious. All while the genetically modified counterparts and the pesticides used along with them are proving to be more dangerous for the environment and deadly for people all the time.