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The History of Supplementation Posted on 05 Jan 14:12

While supplementation is something most people hear about now a days, it hasn't had this mainstream popularity for that long. In fact, not too long ago the weirdo "health nuts" were the only ones using supplements. Then came the increase in demand for protein powders, pre-workouts, post-workouts and other fitness supplements from the bodybuilding community. Which spilled into the athletic community to help power high performance athletes. This caused the information to get out to the public on the benefits to these supplements, leading us to the present day where even the busy stay at home mom uses supplements to fill nutritional gaps, boost energy, replace a meal like breakfast and more! But, where did this story of supplementation really begin?

Vegan Friends Posted on 26 May 16:03

It seems like there are new diets popping up every other day now. From Vegetarian to Paleo, there is a wide variety of lifestyles and diets that people follow. One of those diets in particular, is the Vegan diet. What is that? Is it healthy? What do vegans eat? In this blog post I will answer all these questions and more!