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Apply below to join the organic muscle team!

Organic Muscle is proud to introduce our new and improved affiliate program for 2018! Our new program features a 3 tier system which offers you greater opportunities to make money and your own personal login to track all your earnings.

For 2018, we hope to bring on 100 new Brand Ambassadors and Athletes. You don't have to be an athlete to apply, we're looking for anyone that has a passion for fitness, healthy living, nutrition, or just feels that they'd be a good fit to represent our brand. In addition, everyone accepted into the affiliate program will get 1 free pre-workout to start! So don’t wait any longer, send in your application and hopefully you can become part of the Organic Muscle Team.

Just click the button in the bottom right corner "Join our Team" and fill out the form to apply! For more details about our program read below:

Organic Muscle Affiliate Program:

    1. 3 Tier Affiliate program: Our 3 tier system allows everyone to start as a brand ambassador and work their way up to an Organic Muscle Elite Athlete. 

        1. Tier 1: Organic Muscle Brand Ambassador 
          1. 25% OFF Entire Product Line & 10% Commission on Each Sale
          2. Requires 1-4 coupon redemptions per month.
        2. Tier 2: Organic Muscle Athlete
          1. 40% OFF Entire Product Line & 15% Commission on Each Sale
          2. Requires 5-9 coupon redemptions per month.
          3. 1 Free product per month, 1 Free Blender Bottle, and 1 Free choice of apparel (t-shirt, tank, or hat).
        3. Tier 3: Organic Muscle Elite Athlete
          1. Requires 10+ coupon redemptions per month.
          2. 2 Free products per month, 2 Free Blender Bottles, and 2 Free choices of apparel (t-shirt, tank, or hat).
    2. Referral earnings (all tiers eligible): Have your friends apply to join the Organic Muscle Team and earn an additional 5% commission of each sale they generate as well!

    3. Your personal dashboard login: Here you can track your discount code uses and total amount you’ve earned from sales. If you’re participating in the referral program, you’ll be able to see your extra 5% commission generated from your referrals sales as well.