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Some Superfood Supplements Are Great, This One Is Pure Gold!

There are countless companies in the supplement industry marketing superfood supplements that promote better health and wellness. Claiming anything from improved energy and performance to anti-aging and longevity. What these companies fail to mention are all the harmful additives, preservatives, and other controversial ingredients that are added in these products. We covered this in depth in a past article and explained why it is important to buy your supplements from trusted companies that have been third-party tested and certified like our health and fitness supplements. Supplements like our brand new "Organic Superfood Golds," which is formulated to promote recovery, detoxification, and rejuvenate your body and mind while you sleep. Because it is made here in the USA with USDA certified organic ingredients, it is the new gold standard for health and fitness supplementation!

This All-New USDA Certified Organic Superfood Golds formula has 12 powerful superfoods that promote relaxation, a deep restful sleep, detoxification, and recovery of the body and mind. This organic formula is loaded with anti-oxidants and nutrients with anti-inflammatory properties that can help your body overcome muscle and joint pain the natural way. Its all powered by our two organic superfood blends that harness mother natures full recovery potential.

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory blend helps speed up recovery, reduce pain and inflammation, boost the immune system, enhance detoxification, and revitalize your body and mind. This powerful blend includes organic Jerusalem artichoke, turmeric root, cordyceps mushrooms, cacao, cinnamon, cardamom, and black pepper. These are superfoods and herbs whose medicinal properties have withstood the test of time and then some. 

Used for thousands of years in Asia as part of Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, turmeric and its active compound curcumin are believed to help treat chronic pain and inflammation. It's also been shown to help reduce depression, improve skin health and fight infections. Native to North America, the Jerusalem artichoke or “sunchoke” is a powerhouse of protein, potassium, iron, fiber, and magnesium. The Cordyceps mushroom was discovered in ancient China and has a long list of health-promoting properties. Record-breaking Chinese Olympic athletes swear by its ability to enhance athletic performance.

Cinnamon is one of the healthiest spices on the planet. It can lower blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease risk factors and has a plethora of other impressive health benefits. Cardamom is an ancient remedy that may help lower blood pressure and aid in weight loss. Raw Cacao is an anti-inflammatory and heart-protective antioxidant. Black pepper is rich in a plant compound called piperine, which studies have found to have potent antioxidant properties. Studies suggest that a diet high in antioxidants may help prevent or delay the damaging effects of free radicals.

Our relaxation, digestion, and recovery blend really show off mother natures natural ability to soothe our bodies, promoting relaxation and recovery. This blend will help you unwind after a long day and promote a night of deep, restful sleep. In addition to aiding digestion, our Organic Superfood Golds can help your body heal and recover from the vigors of life while you sleep. All from natural, organic ingredients like coconut cream, vanilla, reishi mushroom, lemongrass, ginger, and ashwagandha. 

Coconut milk contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which researchers have linked with weight loss. MCT's stimulate energy through a process called thermogenesis, or heat production. With written mentions dating back from 221 to 207 BC, the reishi mushroom has a long history of use in China. Once reserved for royalty to improve health and extend life, the reishi mushroom is believed to boost the immune system, provide anti-cancer properties, fight fatigue and depression. Lemongrass can help fight against free radicals, thus reducing the incidence of inflammation in the body. It's also been known to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. 

Ginger is among the healthiest spices on the planet. It is loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds that aid in digestion, detox, and help reduce pain & inflammation. Ashwagandha is an "adaptogen," meaning that it can help your body manage stress. It also has tons of other benefits including the ability to lower blood sugar levels, reduce cortisol, boost brain function and help fight symptoms of anxiety and depression.

That's not all! Organic Superfood Golds is packed with ingredients that have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Research shows that ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric curcumin have potent anti-inflammatory properties, help speed up recovery and aid in pain relief. Ginger root, coconut cream, lemongrass, and turmeric can all help rid the body of toxins and help promote healthy skin and a beautiful golden complexion! That's all the benefits of the popular turmeric "Golden Milk" and then some, without the hassle and mess of making your own. This Organic Superfood Golds formula can be enjoyed hot or cold, with water, or any milk of your choice.