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Prevent Surgery By Adding This Hanging Workout To Your Routine

Morning Workout #2

Hanging Shoulder Exercise

After I wake up and do my Breathing Exercise (that I will feature in a later post), the next exercise of the day is more of a stretch, that is for shoulder rehabilitation and decompression purposes. The shoulders play a very important role in our daily lives. From lifting a drink to your mouth, to pressing a kettlebell in the gym. So the continued functionality and longevity of the shoulders should be a top concern for anyone, especially among athletes. Shoulder injuries are extremely common in many sports including Armwrestling, and Powerlifting. Not only is this exercise great for your shoulders, but it is an excellent way to strengthen your grip! This is why I have incorporated this shoulder workout into my daily routine. 


Position #1

Neutral Grip

I start out with a "Neutral Grip" on the pull-up bar. The first round of holds I do is a 30 second round. So I grip the pull-up bar in Neutral Grip position pictured above, take my feet off the ground and hang for 30 seconds. As I begin to hang I focus on elongating my spine and really feel the stretch in my arms and shoulders. My shoulders, elbows, back always pop a little right away as they start to decompress. Which feels great, by the way! I also make sure to focus on my breathing, taking deep breaths in and letting go. I do this until I hear my timer go off. Then I wait 3 minutes and move to the next position in the 30 second round.


Position #2

Wide Grip

The next position after the 3 minute resting period, is the "Wide Grip Position". For this position I grab ahold of the grips farthest out on the pull-up bar. I grab hold, pick my feet up of the ground and sink deep into the stretch. I still focus on my breathing and sinking deeper into the stretch until the 30 second timer goes off. Once again I wait for the 3 minute resting period and move on to the next position.


Position #3

Narrow Grip

The last position may actually be the best for your shoulders, and is the first position I saw when looking into hanging for shoulder rehabilitation. This position is used in the book “Shoulder Pain? The Solution & Prevention, Fourth Edition, The Kauai Study” by John M. Kirsch, MD. John is an orthopedic surgeon, who was in practice for 33 years. He has performed clinical research on shoulder function, and written an affordable book designed for people to avoid surgery. I call this the "Narrow Grip Position". For this position, I grab ahold of the grips in the center of the pull-up bar. Just like all the other positions, I grab hold, pick my feet up off the ground, and sink into the stretch. Focusing on breathing in deep, letting go, and sinking deeper into the stretch. I do this for the full 30 seconds, and this completes the 30 Second Round of the exercise. I now wait for 6 minutes and begin the 60 Second Round with 6 minute resting periods between positions. The 60 Second Round completes the Daily Hanging Shoulder Exercise, on Shoulder/Back Day I go for a 90 Second Round with 9 minute resting periods between positions. 


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