Mike Kneuer

Team Organic Muscle

Mike Kneuer

Mike Kneuer is an elite personal trainer, nutrition coach, published fitness author, and former professional all natural physique athlete.

Mike has been a fitness professional for over a decade and has helped thousands of people, both in person and online, achieve optimal health and wellness through a unique combination of exercise programming, nutritional coaching and lifestyle modifications. He places a big emphasis on eating healthy (as organic as possible) and to hold himself accountable, as well as teach his fitness family how to eat healthy, he has posted a photo of everything he has eaten since 2012 on his Instagram @WhatMikeEats. Mike is an educational author for the National Federation of Professional Trainers writing blog posts and continuing education credits articles for personal trainers. He has also published a cookbook, is a member of the Men’s Health Fitness Council, and has been featured in publications and websites such as Men's Journal, Men's Health, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Boca Raton Magazine, Bustle.com, TheList.com and many others.

NFPT- Certified Personal Trainer 
NASM – Corrective Exercise Specialist 
NASM – Fitness Nutrition Specialist 
NASM - Golf Fitness Specialist 
ISSA – Specialist in Fitness Nutrition 
FAI - Functional Aging Specialist 
The Addictions Academy – Nationally Certified Fitness in Recovery Addiction Coach 

Their Words

I’m very excited to be a part of the Organic Muscle Team.I rarely associate myself or put my reputation as a health and fitness professional on the line by recommending specific brands of supplements however, Organic Muscle products, ingredients, and philosophy align with my own”