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Reflect and Refresh for 2023

Jan 2, 2023

As we end yet another year, it's an excellent opportunity to reflect on all that has happened in 2022 and look ahead for what you want out of 2023. It can be easy to get stuck in patterns and habits, and sometimes it helps us take a step back from our lives to gain perspective. Whether you're taking it easy or finishing off the year strong, let's explore some creative practices you can implement now to get the most out of the new year. 

To Change Your State, Change Your Environment

We all have certain patterns and habits we get used to over time and emotional states that we may be comfortable in. But if you're looking to make any changes in your life this upcoming year, it can help to prepare yourself by creating a pattern interrupt.

Consider taking a mini getaway trip or exploring different areas around your home - anything that helps provide an environment conducive to reflection and planning. Once you've settled into a new space, take some time to journal your thoughts and feelings while tackling some essential questions. Here are some prompts that can help get things started: 

- What don't I want in my life anymore? 

This is such a powerful place to start. Writing down what you don't want is an easy way to figure out where you should go next. This exercise could be as simple as splitting a page down the middle and listing the things you want to leave in 2022.

We like viewing our lives in different areas for this, such as Health, Wealth, Happiness, & Love. Each thing that comes up that you don't want creates the opportunity to have a more positive habit in place to help spark change.

Here are some other prompts to get your thoughts flowing: 

- What do I want out of my life right now? 

- What do I need in order to achieve my goals? 

- What can I do differently this upcoming year? 

- What do I need help with? 

- How can I stay motivated throughout my journey? 

Mapping Out Your Path Forward  

Once you've identified what you want out of life this upcoming year, it's important to start mapping out your path forward. Think about how realistic each goal is and set smaller steps along the way so that progress feels achievable. 

Additionally, make sure that your goals are something that will bring value and not just something meant for show - focus on creating meaningful change within yourself rather than simply ticking boxes off on a list!

Of course, give yourself grace when things don't go according to plan - setbacks are inevitable but they don't have to derail your progress if you remain focused on your end goal. The quicker you can accept where you're currently at, and take in the lessons needed, the faster you'll be able to propel yourself forward. 

Does Your "No" Have Meaning?

After you've answered the questions above, it's important we talk about the place you're going to be operating from in the new year.

Your core values. 

There will be times in the new year when it may be easy to slip back into old patterns or motivation runs a little dry. Being able to check back in with your values is like a guiding compass to keep you on track and avoid things that don't serve you. 

Check our Organic Warrior Manifesto here for some of our core values. 

Cheers To A New Year! 

Reflecting on our current situation is invaluable when it comes to achieving success in the future - after all, how can we expect different results if we keep using the same methods? 

Taking intentional steps towards understanding ourselves better is one of the best ways we can ensure growth come 2023. With careful reflection, honest self-assessment, and an unwavering focus on our desired outcomes - there's no telling how far each one of us could go in this exciting new chapter! Good luck!

And wherever next year takes you, we're happy to help fuel your future with the healthiest supplements on the market. We appreciate your support!