"When I was 6 years old I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, a severe case of IBD. After multiple procedures resulting in the complete removal of my large intestine, I continued to live a healthy life all while missing a part of me. As a testament to your product, I have experimented with other supplements and have suffered from the negative effects internally. However, your product provided the results I needed without the stressful side effects I normally endured with other brands.

I figured you would find this comforting to know that your product is truly safe and effective, even for the everyday athlete who silently endure such daily obstacles. "
- Carl Battinelli of Stamford, CT
"I was never a fan of Plant Based/Vegan Proteins before, but after tasting Organic Muscle I'm a fan!  The taste is great and it mixed very well!"

- Sydney of Dallas, Tx

"Pretty sure I just had the best workout in recent years with your pre-workout!  I didnt crash afterwards either, just had nice, clean energy for the rest of the day.  This stuff is awesome.

 - Rick of Long Beach, CA

"The Pre Workout has a very light taste.  I was surprised the effects I got from an all natural pre workout.  I got a great boost of energy and had a great workout!"

- Brooke of Dallas, Tx

"I love the Vanilla OM in a shake with PB2 and a banana, makes a great filling protein snack mid afternoon!" 

-Carolyn of McKinney, TX

"TASTE: The Organic Muscle Citrus Berry is tasty! When I have time I like to blend it with ice and make an organic slushy. If you did a blind test, you would recognize the berry flavor and the consistency is smooth.

WORKOUT:  I feel a noticeable difference in my workouts when I take this pre-workout. I spend less time between sets due to pure motivation and a feeling of quicker recovery. My focus is higher, I am much less distracted, and all I want to do is attack the next set. On rare occassions when I haven't taken the pre workout, I miss it.

HEALTH:  Besides protein powder, I have always stayed away from workout supplements. I have one kidney, and do not trust my health to companies that blindly add chemicals to the pre-workouts and advertise in juiced up muscle mags. I first ordered Organic Muscle after reading that it was stricly herbs and superfoods; without high caffeine content and ingredients from mother earth like acia and ginseng.

Honestly, I was worried having a truly healthy pre-workout without a ton of lab chemicals would either taste bad or be ineffective. Thankfully, Organic Muscle far exceeded my expectations.

-Max of Westchester, Ny