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Scott Holck

Scott Holck is a United States Marine Corps Veteran and recipient of two Purple Hearts after being struck by an IED during his deployment. Scott uses weight lifting to minimize the effects of PTSD from the war.

I was born and raised in Northern California near Sacramento. I was just an ordinary kid with extraordinary dreams. I went from job to job until I found my calling. I joined the United States Marine Corps at the late age of 26. I deployed two times one being to the hostile area in Helmand Province Afghanistan. My platoon suffered great loss. The day before Thanksgiving in 2010, my platoon was hit by multiple IED's leaving us with 13 losses making my platoon combat ineffective for nearly a month until our combat replacements came. Later in that deployment I would receive two Purple Hearts for being struck by an IED and sat on the sidelines for the remaining of my deployment. Coming back to the states was a hard transition for me. I went from deciding when to use or not to use deadly force, to deciding what cereal box I wanted from the Commissary to take home and eat. I thought, is this really what's important to me now? These are the little things that the ordinary citizen can't even fathom. I needed to find something more to help fulfill my needs of fulfillment and this is when I turned to weight lifting. Weight lifting changed my life forever. It minimized the effects of PTSD, and I can honestly say they aren't really there at all. I'm very thankful and lucky to have found something that saved my life.

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