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Kelvin Corniel

Kelvin Corniel is one of the best kite instructors in Cabarete. He is currently a team rider for Spleene kite boarding and hopes one day to represent the Dominican Republic in the Olympics.

I started competing in 2003/2004 in national competitions. Through these competitions at an early age, I gained a lot of valuable experience. I attended the PKRA 2005 event held in Cabarete. At this time I was doing many tricks, had gained experience and had for the first time brand new gear. Still, I did not make it into the main event. I started training harder and focused on competing in local competitions. I enjoyed competing with friends and international riders, with an always enthusiastic crowd, always pushing my limits. I had invaluable support from family, friends and various local kite schools. They helped me out with kite equipment and kept encouraging and supporting me. I am forever grateful for all those who have supported and helped me throughout the years.

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