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Fabien Blanc

Fabien Blanc is a certified Personal Trainer ISSA, Massage Therapist and Kinesitherapist based in Miami Beach.

I studied at the University of Science and Sports in Luminy (France), where I graduated in 2008 with a Master in Sports and Events. A few years later, I studied Massage Therapy in Everest North Orlando, where I learned deep tissue, swedish and sports massage. I had different Reiki Masters who taught me how to do healing massages. I love to heal others and I have been practicing Reiki since 2009. I practiced different sports all my life: more than 10 years of judo and jujitsu (black belt 1st dan), soccer (French National Division), handball, athletics, boxing, climbing, savate and more... My philosophy is about healthy lifestyle to live longer: eat organic, exercise, stretch, rest well, drink a lot of water, do not take any kind of drugs and meditate. I take care of athletes for conditionning and beyond as much as persons aiming to get fit and healthy. Making people healthier is my priority and I am dedicated to help my clients improve their health and lifestyle by giving them personalized tips and advices. Be positive. Be your best.

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