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The Natural Path To Brain-Gains

Nov 17, 2020

Most of the talk you hear about gains involves your muscles and the amount of weight you lifted in the gym, but another type of development gain deserves some attention, one that is not made by your muscles but by your brain. That's right! It's "Brain-Gains," and this is your natural path to them! Let me be your guide to the mental clarity, focus, concentration, alertness, and energy that mother nature intended!

So what exactly classify's as a brain-gain? Honestly, I tried googling it, but there doesn't seem to be a proper definition for what I'm talking about, so I'll have to create one. A brain-gain is any noticeable increase in cognitive function and performance. Now that we know what a brain-gain is, we can focus on how to make them.

Sometimes the simple way is the best, and you can increase your cognitive function by simply being active! Physical activity is an easy way to maintain and improve cognitive function. However, not all physical activity provides the same effect on the brain. A study published in the research paper titled "The Physical Activity Type Most Related to Cognitive Function and Quality of Life" examined the relationship between different types of physical activity (high-intensity, moderate-intensity, and walking exercise) and cognitive function. Researchers concluded that moderate-intensity physical activities were more related to cognitive function than walking and high-intensity physical activities, especially in the senior adult population. So keep your physical activities at a moderate intensity for the best effects on cognition and your best chance at those brain-gains!

By now, most of us know how important breathing is and just how powerful your breath can be. But did you know that the natural rhythm of your breath provides a subtle but continuous rhythmic modulation of cortical neuronal activity that modulates sensory, motor, emotional, and cognitive processes? Research featured in the published article "Breathing as a Fundamental Rhythm of Brain Function" hypothesized that respiration causes respiration-locked oscillations that synchronize across large areas of the neocortex at the species-specific respiratory rhythm, causing increases in the power of gamma oscillations (40–100 Hz). That should be an easy one! Just sit back, focus on your breath, and let your natural rhythm welcome the in brain-gains.


That was a couple of easy methods of chasing down those brain-gains, but here is a fun one for you! A published study featured on Science Daily suggests that people who play games such as cards and board games stay mentally sharp later in life. The study also found those who increased game playing during their 70s were more likely to maintain thinking skills as they grew older. Chess seems to be the most popular and maybe the most beneficial of these games, with additional published research promoting chess as a protective factor in Dementia.

But wait, there are even more games to help train brain-gains! Video games, to be exact. Evidence from multiple studies featured in the published article "Video Games for Well-Being" suggests the benefits of video games on cognitive and emotional skills concerning the healthy adult population, especially on young adults. Video games for brain-gains? That has to be the most common method of training the brain, whether it's intentional or not!

Training your brain with video games is so popular, there are games specifically designed to do so. Study research suggests BTG's or "Brain Training Games" play a role in improving cognitive functions. Researchers used the computerized cognition training game Lumosity for exercises that target a range of cognitive functions, including attention, processing speed, visual memory, and executive functions for about 15 min per day, at least seven days per week, for three weeks. A significant improvement in the Lumosity performance index was observed in the active group compared to the control group by the end of the training, resulting in improvement in different cognitive domains, including attention and motor speed. Just think, all those hours spent playing video games may have paid off in the form of brain training! Even if you are not much of a gamer, you might want to look into brain training games to help maintain and improve cognitive function over time, especially later in life.

Well, this would not be an Organic Muscle Health & Wellness article without mentioning some of the natural foods and herbs that Mother Nature provides to fuel your brain on the path to gains! Yerba Mate is a South American plant rich in antioxidants, amino acids, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals, known to increase mental endurance and promote cardiovascular health. Native to China, the Ginkgo Biloba tree has been grown for thousands of years with many uses, including its ability to improve circulation, heart health, and brain function. Green coffee beans or green coffee extracts of unroasted coffee beans contain antioxidants and natural caffeine that promote anti-aging, improved energy, focus, and mood. The ancient Maya civilization of Central America was the first to use cocoa, which is famous for its role in chocolate production. Cocoa also provides several health benefits, including reduced inflammation, improved cholesterol levels, reduced blood pressure, improved blood flow to the brain, and enhanced brain function. While these superfoods can make a difference individually, they can make an even better impact working synergetically in a supplement like our Organic Ultra Brain Boost!

Organic Muscle Family, please take some of this information and use it in your life to help maintain and improve your cognitive function over time. These can be preventative steps in developing cognitive decline and brain diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer's. Be sure you get in regular moderate-intensity physical activity, take time to focus on your breath, play some games, and eat the right food to fuel your brain on its natural path to gains!