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A Cup of Coffee A Day To Keep The Doctor Away? Posted on 12 Dec 12:23

Who doesn’t love coffee? Okay, besides that one weirdo friend of yours who doesn’t like the taste (they are probably a psychopath by the way!), most people love coffee! We love it to the point where it is a staple in most homes. Something I know we freak out about in my house when its gone! But, why is this? What sort of powers does this magic bean possess? In reality there are many, but the big one most people would shout out when answering this question is, Caffeine! Or coffees ability to wake us up and get us going! While this is important to most of us, especially in the morning, there are other properties in coffee that may be even more beneficial.

Is Organic Food Really Better For You? Posted on 05 Dec 15:35

With more and more people becoming conscious and aware about what they eat and put into their bodies, the demand for healthier foods is increasing. This increase in consumer consciousness may be directly related to the ever expanding body of evidence that proves organic foods are healthier and more nutritious. All while the genetically modified counterparts and the pesticides used along with them are proving to be more dangerous for the environment and deadly for people all the time.

Help Your Health & Heal The Earth At The Same Time! Posted on 08 Oct 17:45

If you have been following this blog or any of us at Organic Muscle, than you know we are all about promoting health through the power of mother nature. We do this by using powerful plants, herbs and superfoods to harness this holistic power. Because we appreciate what mother nature gives us to help heal our bodies, we give back by teaming up with Trees For The Future to plant a tree for every sale to help heal her. This is help that she desperately needs because of deforestation, wild fires, air pollution and more!