Do Less For More Results by Elyse Miller @FitElyse

We’re all looking to simplify, right? I mean, no one wants to make things harder for themselves - less is more. 
Would you rather spend 2 hours at the gym or 20 minutes working out at home? For me, I choose the latter. Fast, intense and done. For some, the gym easier, you can sit down at on a machine, read the directions and mindlessly pump away. You can also waste a lot of time chatting, walking around and commuting. Working out at home takes a little more planning, thinking and motivation. There are countless resources for you online. For one, I post several home workouts every week on my Instagram feed (@FitElyse). Shorter, more intense workouts can produce better results than those long, drawn out gym sessions. 
Whether you choose home-style or gym-rat... I’ve got an amazing full body exercise for you that you can do anywhere! It’s called the “A-B-C’S”. You’ll tone your abs, booty and chest while getting in some serious cardio. Bonus: you can literally do just this one move alone and get in a major sweat. Simplify and try this! 
** Start by doing two air squats, then lower your booty to the ground and lay on your back for elbow-to-knee crunches. Roll back up to standing for two more air squats and then hop into a plank for two push-ups. Hop feet back in and stand up for two air squats... repeat the cycle.
Try going non-stop for 1-2 minutes, rest for 30 seconds and then repeat for 15 minutes. You’ll see how simply tough, yet effective the ABC’s are!