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Q). What is the inspiration behind creating and hosting a series of workout videos for iFit Daily?
A). "It was always a dream of mine to host workout videos so I could reach the masses. With Fit in 15, I wanted to make it easy to get fit despite having little time or money for a gym membership. My workouts are fast (15 minutes or less) so there's no excuse to skip a sweat session! You can visit the "Daily Double" available on I was inspired to make these short workout videos to give people a fun, fresh way to workout. Each video is only 6-8 minutes long and super intense. People select two videos to do each day for a full workout. I love HIIT because they're effective, fast and can be done at home. As a trainer I often hear that people just don't have time... but who can't squeeze in a six-minute workout in the morning and another one before bed? Come on!"
Q). Tell us about your biggest challenges with Personal Training and keeping fit as a busy mother, and any advice you have for other busy parents trying to reach fitness goals.
A). "My biggest challenge is waking up before the kids. I find that if I don't wake up early, my workout gets pushed aside as I'm bogged down with diapers, making meals and playing with my littles. Too much can get in the way of a workout if "I'll do it later". I make my workout a priority. It's often the only 15-20 minutes of "me time" that I have in a day. My advice is, set your alarm 20 minutes earlier than usual and enjoy the peace in the morning. Move your body, sweat and feel accomplished before the business of life catches you."
Q). We know you live a healthy lifestyle, and you eat a variety of foods including meat. Can you tell us how our Organic Vegan Protein blend of Jerusalem Artichoke, Pea Protein, Sacha Inchi, and Hemp Protein benefits even a non-vegan diet like yours?
A). "I like variety. I'm not a fan of whey protein because (as a meat eater) I get enough animal products. I strive to eat a higher protein diet but I don't like to load up on meat. I don't think it's healthy to eat too much of that. I love that Organic Muscle is high in protein and uses a variety of plant-based proteins that we rarely eat in a normal diet. It provides more variety and fuels the body with a wider range of nutrients. Organic Muscle just tastes clean and I don't have to worry about chemicals or "fake" junk."
Q).What is your favorite product made by Organic Muscle, and how has it impacted your life for the better?
A). "Organic Muscle Vanilla protein powder. I've used protein powder for as long as I can remember and I always worried that I was getting too many chemicals and/or hormones from whey and artificially flavored powders. I'd switch it up a lot, always looking for a cleaner powder that I felt safe using long-term. There are other natural plant based powders out there, but they all taste bland or chalky. Organic Muscle mixes well and tastes amazing. It doesn't cause bloating either which is unlike most proteins!! My tummy used to get upset with all of the other "processed" powders. Organic Muscle has also made breakfast a breeze since I can feed it to the whole family. My kids don't like meat, so this is HUGE for us so they can get their protein.
Q). Why did you choose to be a brand ambassador for Organic Muscle?
A). "I've always said that I would never work for or represent a company unless it was something I truly believed in and truly loved. Once I tried Organic Muscle, I remember telling my husband that I didn't want to ever buy another protein and that I had to spread the word about Organic Muscle. I searched online to find how I could team up with Organic Muscle and I was so excited to see the brand ambassador opportunity. I'm loving spreading the word about organic Muscle so people can turn away from the "fake" Health shakes that are loaded with fillers, sugar and artificial chemicals."
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