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Jun 9, 2023

What tends to happen when you travel?


* Late nights
* Missed workouts
* Fast food
* Unhealthy snacks
* Feeling exhausted at the end of the trip

If you find yourself traveling a good part of the year and it’s throwing off your fitness game...

I wanted to share our 9 best travel tips for, yes that’s right, fat loss and maintaining high energy levels!

#1 Creating Boundaries for Yourself

We gotta get the “not so fun stuff” out of the way first.

Does this sound familiar?

Your travel has you…

Eating at the hotel, staying up late, drinking, etc.

Top that off with the meetings you’re traveling for and this can leave you more exhausted and drained by the end of the trip.

That can be enough to knock you off your game for days or even weeks.

Is that worth the price you pay for those few days of “fun?”

If you’re on vacation, that’s a different story. And in that case, I tell organic warriors to have fun!

Exercising a little discipline, making some sacrifice to take your current habits/routines along with your travels, is in my opinion, the best way to create boundaries for yourself.

If you’re traveling frequently and are trying to make health and fitness a priority in your life, it’s the only way.

But the reality is, this isn’t so bad of a “sacrifice.” If you use the tips below, there’s a good chance you’ll feel even BETTER during your trip, work, and when you return.

#2 Pre-Travel

Some of the easiest prep you can do is with TSA Security friendly items before you even begin your travel.

My favorites are:

Epic Bars/Jerky
Organic Muscle Protein
Bearded Brother’s fruit bars
Dark chocolate
Fresh Fruit

If I’m eating at the airport, I normally try and find a smoothie/juice spot, and/or somewhere I can get a simple steak/chicken meal with a side like a baked potato and salad.

Sure, might not be the highest quality, but you’ll keep calories in check, fill up on solid protein, and be in a better spot than most generic fast food chains.

#3 Choosing The Ideal Location

If possible, you can plan to stay at Air BnB’s. There is a good chance they will have blender’s, cooking pots/pans, and many similar household items you have at home.

On the other hand, if you’re staying in a hotel (probably most of the time unless you have an extended stay) see if you can at least request a mini fridge.

One of the most important tips for travel that I believe makes all the difference is going to the grocery store as soon as you arrive to your destination!

We also have so many incredible tools right at our finger tips such as Insta-Cart & Amazon Prime for grocery delivery services.

#4 Navigating Food

I understand, you’re in a new place, you want to try it all, do it all, and if you’re like me, eat it all.

Here’s how I would suggest handling your food even on the most busy travel trips.

Take control of at least 1 meal.

Normally, the easiest is going to be breakfast. That could mean fresh groceries right to your Air BnB or at least non-cook breakfast items in your hotel like greek yogurt, fruit, and an organic muscle protein shake, for example.


If you’re worried you might not have the best breakfast option available, fasting could be a great routine you pick up during your travels.

Essentially, skipping your first meal and only having black coffee or tea and plenty of water – you’ll be saving some extra calories for dinner.

Try and find a Smoothie/Juice Spot for lunch

This is always a go-to for myself. If I get a smoothie or acai bowl I make sure to add in protein to make it more of a balanced meal.

Not only is this going to be a healthier option, but it’s also easier to control the calories.

What’s your go-to meal?

By now, you’re either fasting or eating your own breakfast. Then you’re eating an acai bowl with a protein or collagen add-on.

How do you win dinner? Especially if that’s a work dinner? You need to have your own uniform meal. Here’s mine:

No appetizer, steak, baked potato, side veggie, and water with lemon.

You’re traveling for work. This is what I meant by creating boundaries for yourself.

Focus on the people. Not the food.

If you’re on vacation, by all means you get and enjoy the heck out of appetizers, drinks, etc.

And if you are having multiple drinks, stick to low calorie options and have water + lemon in between drinks.

Lastly, if you don’t see your uniform meal on the menu at a particular restaurant, don’t be afraid to ask to customize the order with a simple template such as: protein + veggie + side

Most restaurants have the individual items and will likely accommodate you.

#5 Perfecting Sleep

Sticking to your normal sleep routine as much as possible is probably the most important and most challenging when traveling.

This is where your boundaries really come into play so you’re not up watching tv late into the night after dinner.

The goal is to recreate your sleep environment as much as possible. My most important items I always travel with for sleep are:

Eye mask
Ear plugs
Mouth tape
White noise generator

There’s also a little handy device call the Human Charger. Basically this mimics sunlight which can help you quickly wake up in the mornings and even fight jet lag.

Again, aside from the items above that will help fight noise and light pollution that can interrupt sleep – honoring a healthy bedtime will go such a long way.

#6 Working Out When Traveling

I don’t really see excuses for this one here. Other than simply not knowing what to do in this situation. And that’s okay.

Bodyweight workouts for travel

Even if you just stick to doing a bodyweight workout in your hotel room, this will go such a long way for maintenance!

There’s this one training device call the Gorilla Bow (they have a travel product) so you can even bring this along resistance bands for your hotel room workout.

Get a guest pass

With a little planning, you can find and stay near a full gym. Most gyms will likely have a free guest pass or a pass for around $10-$20.

Use the same gym from home

I personally workout at a LifeTime gym. My membership allows me to workout at any Lifetime in the country so it's super easy to continue my exact same workout routine without any needed adjustments.

#7 Hydration

A proper way to stay hydrated in general, not just for travel, is to consume roughly half your bodyweight (lbs) in ounces each day.

If drinking enough water is a struggle for you already, I recommend getting something like this Clearly Filtered Water Bottle so you have the best drinking water available no matter where you go.

You’ll be able to take this right through the airport (empty) and fill it up right after you get through security.

#8 Stress Management

If you’re making the time for your meals, getting your workouts in, and sleeping properly. The final area to turn this into a fully successful travel trip would be to manage your stress properly.

Even if it’s just 10-15 minutes of meditation at the beginning or end of your day, that can go a long way.

#9 Don’t Forget About Walking

One of the most underrated tools for losing body fat is walking.
On average I get in about 8k steps per day. Doing more walking during your travels can easily put you at 10k to 15k each day!

Combine those extra steps plus controlling my first meal for breakfast, getting a protein filled smoothie or acai bowl for lunch, and eating my uniform travel meal most nights…

It's the perfect recipe to come back from your travels with less body fat while maintaining strength and muscle mass.

Walking is so powerful with burning almost the same amount of calories (depending on how much you walk) as intense cardio without tending to ramp up your appetite or cravings as much.

Final Thoughts

By implementing these travel tips, you can maintain your health and fitness goals while still enjoying your journey. Remember, every step you take toward a healthier lifestyle counts!

For optimal hydration levels and maintaining your muscle mass, don't forget to check out our Hydrator and Protein supplements. It's the perfect companion for your travel adventures.

Safe travels!