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Interested in representing the Organic Muscle Brand and joining our team of talented athletes and fitness pro's?

Just click the button in the bottom right corner "Join our Team of Athletes" and fill out the form!

Perks to being a brand ambassador is you would get our organic pre-workout for free from us, be featured on our webpage under the athlete section, have all your friends jealous of your new bad-ass status, and have an opportunity to make some extra $$ re-selling organic muscle products via referrals on our site.

(You don't have to be a professional athlete)- personal trainers, natural body builders, Instagram fitness models, college athletes, self-proclaimed athletes are all welcome to apply if interested! It's completely free, and if we decide to have you join the team all we ask is that you represent us well, and include us #organicmuscle in your occasional fb/instagram posts! You also get a cool Organic Muscle T-shirt for joining the team! We're looking to start off with 10 athletes, and then will grow from there!