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The Shocking Truth About "Liver King": Steroids, Deception, and the Dangers of His Extreme Fitness Regime

Dec 15, 2022

There's a big chance you've heard of the Liver King. Maybe you’ve seen him walking shirtless down Times Square, curling while surfing, or talking about the sacred 9 ancestral tenents that promise to turn you into a primal!

Now, anyone with some fitness experience was already asking the question: Is Liver King on steroids? Can raw liver and the 9 ancestral tenents really help you achieve a body like his?

On podcast after podcast with top entertainers, comedians, and medical professionals, Liver King stated that he would never touch any form of steroids or performance-enhancing drugs and that he was completely natural.

Well, the truth is now out.

Let's Start From The Beginning

The Liver King is Brian Johnson, a 44-year-old from Texas who has been at the center of a recent YouTube Documentary from Derek Van, host of More Plates More Dates.

The documentary exposed the truth behind Liver King's extreme lifestyle and diet and his use of anabolic steroids to achieve his physique.

Before he was flying all over the world on private jets and eating raw testicles on social media, Liver King did in fact have multiple supplement companies selling desiccated organ meats.

Since organ meats are a pretty niche supplement, the whole Liver King persona was merely to support the growth of his companies, which is all well and good—but lying to everyone, even his sons? That's where things get shady.

The Emails That Exposed Liver King

The Liver King's plan to use steroids was twofold: to reach a higher level of physical shape and strategically grow his social media channels in order to grow his supplement businesses.

About a year and a half ago, Liver King sent several emails to a bodybuilding coach covering his entire plan around hiring a media team to get to a million followers on Instagram by a certain time, the exact drugs he was using to get in outrageous shape, along with his diet and training regimen.

Crazy enough, still to this day, he is taking growth hormones, peptides, and steroids - roughly $15,000 per month worth of performance-enhancing drugs!

All while preaching, he is 100% natural, and his way of ancestral living is the reason he looks and functions the way he does.

He did a great job marketing himself, but at what cost? It would not be very ancestrally aligned if people discovered he was on steroids.

Honesty & Integrity

The sad part is that he made thousands and thousands believe that if you ate your liver, you too could look like the Liver King. It's horrible to make people feel like they aren't working hard enough, don't have high enough standards, or aren't genetically blessed like he is to achieve an in-shape body.

Liver King isn't the only one. The supplement industry is full of lies, shady behaviors, and dishonesty.

It is too common for supplement companies to dishonestly market their supplements with roided-out ambassadors while giving the supplements credit for illicit and dangerous drug use.

Here at Organic Muscle, from the start, we've been honest about the high-quality ingredients we use in our supplements, and we'd never sell ourselves out to try to grow business faster.

The Benefits of Staying Natural as a Bodybuilder

In a space full of enhancements and outlandish "standards" we believe the benefits outweigh the negatives when it comes to staying natural as a bodybuilder here at Organic Muscle. When you stay away from steroids, you are healthier overall and look better as you age. You also have a healthy sex drive and function and don't experience the side effects of gynecomastia or acne. Which happens more often than not!

At the end of the day, you can feel good about yourself knowing that you haven't taken any performance-enhancing drugs, and your heart and organ health is generally better off.

Outside of the bodybuilding crowd, most people consider someone who is naturally built more aesthetic than someone who uses steroids. Think of a granite Greek Statue compared to a blown-up, puffy bodybuilder.

The worst part? Using steroids can potentially hook you in for life - once you start using them, it can be hard to stop. There are many other risks associated with steroid use that often get overlooked, including neurological degradation and mental health issues.

What's Next For Liver King

After being exposed, Liver King announced that he was going all-natural! Is this another lie to try and quickly save his reputation?

The abuse he put his body through with performance-enhancing drugs is almost impossible for his body to bounce back naturally. We'll just have to see how all of that unfolds.

His apology, on the other hand, didn't get any better either. He tried covering up his lies by being a noble voice on men's mental health. The problem is that he's only making the video because he was caught.

It is important to remember that what you say and how you conduct yourself online should reflect your values and beliefs. Being dishonest can have negative consequences not only for your reputation but also for the people around you.

And before we sign off, thanks for trusting us for quality supplements and honest fitness advice. This whole Liver King event only strengthens our desire to bring you the best information to support your goals.