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Ingredient Showcase: Coconut Water

Jan 28, 2017

We wanted to follow up the announcement of our new Wild Berry pre-workout with a series showcasing the ingredients that compose the world’s first organic pre-workout formula. We decided the best place to start is with some of the new key ingredients. So, let’s kick this off with exhibit A: coconut water.

Contrary to popular belief, the fruit of the infamous coconut tree, the coconut, is not a nut. It is what is known as a drupe, or a stone fruit. The name “coco” was given by 16th century Spanish and Portuguese explorers and meant “grinning face”, which probably had a lot to do with the three holes at the base of the shell that give the coconut its face-like appearance. This nutritionally rich fruit has been used for thousands of years by sea-faring cultures and is known for its immense versatility. Today coconuts are cultivated around the world, from Thailand and India to the Middle East and even the US.  Fully mature coconuts are known for their nutrient-rich flesh, where coconut oil and milk are derived. Both are used in cooking and cosmetics. But the properties that reside inside young green coconuts, known as coconut water, are what make this fruit truly special. 

Coconut water is harvested when the coconuts are fresh and still green. It is high in naturally occurring sugar and has a strong nutty flavor. And due to its hydration properties, it has found a niche in the athletic world.  The primary nutrient in coconut water, potassium, is an important electrolyte, which is why it is considered the best all natural way to stay hydrated. Other electrolytes include a small amount of sodium, calcium, and magnesium. These nutrients make coconut water extremely important for keeping the heart healthy and preventing dehydration before and during your workout.

And it doesn’t stop there! To get a rundown of all the different health benefits of coconut water and the effect on your workout make sure to read (