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Fit and Frugal: 6 Tips for Eating Organic on a Budget

Mar 1, 2023

We all know how important it is to eat organic food, but with rising food prices, it can be a real challenge to stay within a budget. Fear not, my fellow Organic Warriors! There are plenty of ways to save money while still eating healthy and organic.

Here are our best tips on how to do just that:

#1 Freeze!

Buy organic produce and grass-fed meats and freeze them: Organic produce and grass-fed meats tend to be more expensive than conventionally grown and raised options. But buying these items in bulk can help you save money in the long run.

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#2 Buy In Bulk!

Buy in bulk and stock up when there is a sale: As mentioned above, buying in bulk can be a great way to save money. Keep an eye out for sales on your favorite organic products and stock up when you can. This will allow you to take advantage of lower prices and save money over time.

We at Organic Muscle believe that investing in your health with high quality food will save you from medical bills in the future as well!

#3 Shop At Warehouse Stores!

Utilize places like Costco or Sam's Club: These warehouse stores often have great deals on organic food. Buying in bulk at these stores can help you save money even on the same brands you see in popular stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts, Trader Joe’s etc. Just be sure to compare prices and make sure you're getting the best deal.

#4 Cook At Home!

Do more home cooking and meal prep: Eating out or ordering delivery can quickly add up, especially if you're trying to eat healthy and organic. Cooking at home allows you to control what goes into your meals all the way down to what ingredients you use. Meal prepping is also a great way to save time and money during the week. You can prepare large batches of meals in advance and freeze them for later use.

#5 Always Grocery Shop With A Plan!

Go to the grocery store with a plan: Making a list before you go to the grocery store can help you avoid impulse purchases and stay on budget. Be sure to plan your meals for the week and make a list of the ingredients you need. Stick to the list as much as possible and avoid buying things you don't need.

#6 Opt For Zero Processed Foods!

Stay away from pre-prepped or sliced food: Pre-prepped or sliced food may be more convenient, but it's often more expensive. Instead, buy whole foods and do the prepping yourself. This will not only save you money but will also give you more control over the quality and freshness of your food.

Eating healthy and organic on a budget doesn't have to be a daunting task. By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to saving money while still eating nutritious and delicious food. Remember, it's all about being mindful and making smart choices!

And guess what ends up happening? You’ll still keep up with eating healthy foods, you’re cooking more at home, meal prepping for the days ahead, which will build some awesome momentum towards your fitness goals. It’s a win-win!