Organic Muscle Team



James Benefico is an entrepreneur, fitness junkie, and health nerd from Austin, Texas. A UConn graduate, Benefico has been involved in many successful start ups such as Never Hungover, Liberty for All, and Karmakaze Productions.

Benefico used to be quite the fattie. Over the years he had grown quite fond of Chicken Parmigiana Wedges, Texas BBQ, and craft beer. Since learning about nutrition, fitness, and herbalism, Benefico has shed 60 lbs of lard and is now dedicating his life to helping others achieve their fitness goals.



John Ramsey is an entrepreneur, angel investor and philanthropist from Austin, Texas. After many years of mentorship under his grandfather's wing, John became fascinated by entrepreneurship and innovation. With ventures in technology, real estate, manufacturing, education, consumer products, sports, beauty and entertainment, John now spends most of his time empowering early stage companies and fellow entrepreneurs.

Ramsey spent most of his early life with the physique of a stick bug. Legend has it that a strong gust of wind on the tennis court would send him airborne every once in awhile. Since becoming dedicated to rigorous weight training and Organic Muscle, Ramsey has put on a solid 20 lbs of muscle and is no longer afraid of wind or children (MOST of the time).