Jessica Langro

Team Organic Muscle

Jessica Langro

Jessica is cross fit competitor and coach. She holds level 1 and level 2 certifications.

Jessica has been involved with the CrossFit world for 3 years. After a year of recreational training, she realized she loved the sport and wanted to turn it into her career. She now has her level 1 and 2 certification and will continue to receive more certifications. While getting more certifications, she is a part time student getting her associates degree in social sciences. She now coaches full time at 3 different gyms. She coaches regular crossfit classes as well as two barbell classes. She has competed in over 10 local Crossfit competitions and 3 half marathons. By being an athlete and coach in the fitness industry, she hopes to help people push themselves and get stronger everyday. She strives to be an inspiration to the women out there that are afraid to have muscles and be strong!

Their Words

Organic Muscle helps my body recover properly and helps get me through my workouts.